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Fifty Shades Makes Me Angry


Fifty Shades of Grey. 

It’s driving me crazy and every time I sit down to write a rant about a topic pressing my mind, I never end up posting it because I am not good at making an argument. I am not going to try to be all writerly about this and just name a few points. So, bear with me — or not.

  1. Reading about and watching other people have sex is wrong. The Bible is clear on whose “nakedness you shall and shall not uncover” and I’ll tell you it’s pretty limited. To your spouse.
    I remember a couple years back in school, we had to watch a movie about some young girl who got into prostitution because of drugs, etc. I was able to discretely slip out of the classroom when things got inappropriate, but the next week, when we had to finish the second half, I went to my principal and asked to be permitted to pass on watching the rest of the film. I told her that I didn’t want to watch the movie and what people were doing in it because it is wrong. She did not understand that I meant…
    – not only is what the people are doing wrong,
    — it is wrong to watch it.
  2. Our society is crumbling. There are many bad movies out there with a lot of bad content, but it disappoints me that immoral and violent sex is so openly talked about, praised, glorified, and promoted in our society. It’s sinfulness. Take a look around and honestly ask yourself whether society is moving upward or downward. Sorry, but from over here, it looks like it’s going down hard and fast.
    Any society that does not uphold good and honorable traits — kindness, faithfulness, compassion and self-control to name a few — is doomed to… Well, it’s just doomed. Sin will corrupt and is corrupting our society, and no one seems to care.
  3. People will get hurt. Whether physically or emotionally, I don’t think this movie (and book) is going to have a positive effect on any relationship.
    One thing that made me especially upset was an article about hardware (and other) stores preparing for certain customers for when the movie is finally released. Any relationship that needs Fifty Shades of Grey or any other pornographic film to inspire or spice up their sex life is heading in the wrong direction anyway. A spicy sex life is fine and good, but it shouldn’t and can’t be because of a movie. That is not the solution.

I could honestly go on and on about this. It’s hard to sort everything so that it makes sense, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it yesterday when I was walking home from school. And I say it makes me “angry.” By that, I mean that is disappoints me and makes me upset, mainly because it is an offense to God and His holiness. It ruins the true and original meaning of love and sex. I’m sad that so many people are excited about going to the cinema to see the film — and are totally okay with it.

I’m all for discussing this. If anything didn’t make sense or you have an opinion on this, please ask or share in the comments.


P.S. Here are two articles that talk about this issue better than I just did. 😀

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Update: I have not read the books, and will obviously not be seeing the movie.