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Fifty Shades Makes Me Angry


Fifty Shades of Grey. 

It’s driving me crazy and every time I sit down to write a rant about a topic pressing my mind, I never end up posting it because I am not good at making an argument. I am not going to try to be all writerly about this and just name a few points. So, bear with me — or not.

  1. Reading about and watching other people have sex is wrong. The Bible is clear on whose “nakedness you shall and shall not uncover” and I’ll tell you it’s pretty limited. To your spouse.
    I remember a couple years back in school, we had to watch a movie about some young girl who got into prostitution because of drugs, etc. I was able to discretely slip out of the classroom when things got inappropriate, but the next week, when we had to finish the second half, I went to my principal and asked to be permitted to pass on watching the rest of the film. I told her that I didn’t want to watch the movie and what people were doing in it because it is wrong. She did not understand that I meant…
    – not only is what the people are doing wrong,
    — it is wrong to watch it.
  2. Our society is crumbling. There are many bad movies out there with a lot of bad content, but it disappoints me that immoral and violent sex is so openly talked about, praised, glorified, and promoted in our society. It’s sinfulness. Take a look around and honestly ask yourself whether society is moving upward or downward. Sorry, but from over here, it looks like it’s going down hard and fast.
    Any society that does not uphold good and honorable traits — kindness, faithfulness, compassion and self-control to name a few — is doomed to… Well, it’s just doomed. Sin will corrupt and is corrupting our society, and no one seems to care.
  3. People will get hurt. Whether physically or emotionally, I don’t think this movie (and book) is going to have a positive effect on any relationship.
    One thing that made me especially upset was an article about hardware (and other) stores preparing for certain customers for when the movie is finally released. Any relationship that needs Fifty Shades of Grey or any other pornographic film to inspire or spice up their sex life is heading in the wrong direction anyway. A spicy sex life is fine and good, but it shouldn’t and can’t be because of a movie. That is not the solution.

I could honestly go on and on about this. It’s hard to sort everything so that it makes sense, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it yesterday when I was walking home from school. And I say it makes me “angry.” By that, I mean that is disappoints me and makes me upset, mainly because it is an offense to God and His holiness. It ruins the true and original meaning of love and sex. I’m sad that so many people are excited about going to the cinema to see the film — and are totally okay with it.

I’m all for discussing this. If anything didn’t make sense or you have an opinion on this, please ask or share in the comments.


P.S. Here are two articles that talk about this issue better than I just did. 😀

  • Fifty Shades of Nay: Sin Is a Needle, Not a Toy (Click HERE)
  • I’m Still Not Reading (or Watching) Fifty Shades (Click HERE)

Update: I have not read the books, and will obviously not be seeing the movie.

On Character And What You Deserve


“You deserve to be happy.”

“Think of yourself first.”

“Do what is best for you.”

I hear words like these all the time. Our society seems obsessed with self-love, with chasing personal dreams – often at the cost of others. People are challenged to do whatever it takes to get whatever they want. We’ve turned into a humanity that focuses more on self than others.

Still, we know what is good. We approve of stories with themes like selflessness, love, and sacrifice. I wonder why we then encourage the promotion of selfishness, which is ultimately hate, in our society and daily lives.

Ask yourself this – would you like to be depicted as the protagonist of a story? How would you be described? As self-centered, egotistic, and uncaring? Would you be doing everything to pursue your own dreams while ignoring the needs of others? Be honest.

I am not a deserving person. I am selfish, lazy, complicated, impatient, and mean. I lie and cheat, have hateful thoughts, and speak unkindly. I think about myself way too much. I do not deserve to be happy. Chasing my dreams means finding contentment in futile things, seeking comfort and recognition, taking the easy road. In short, I am not a lovable person and would not be a likable character in a book.

We’re all human. We’re all a mess. It is our nature to be selfish, but grace is about getting what you do not deserve. My very life is grace. Redemption through God’s love, mercy, and grace allows me to change my life’s basis. The purpose of life turns from living for self to living for Christ and others.

I can’t forget and deny myself without help, without Christ. But through His grace, He draws my attention away from self. And I want to be selfless in order to…

  1. honor and glorify Christ because He saved me from myself
  2. love and care about others like Christ loves me

What are your thoughts? Do you think society is promoting beliefs we actually know are wrong? I’d love to chat with you in the comments. You can also tweet or email me!


Under the sun, I found we were left to drown
Evil abounds, weight is pullin’ us down
No sight or sound, impaired to His care
Chasing after the wind, running after the air
Deserving of desertion, servants of destruction
And everyday we taste of a grace that we’re unconcerned with
My sin I should be burned with, I’m guilty, filthy, and stained
But He became a curse, drank my cup and took my pain
And for that He reigns, through faith I’m changed
And I don’t have a reason why He loosened up my chains

I don’t believe in luck; I believe in Grace
But they say we’re lucky cause we seen His face

Lucky Ones (Lecrae ft. Rudy Currence)

On Suffering


This topic is not exclusively limited to my novel. By all means, each and every one of us are affected by suffering because we live in a fallen world. As redeemed sinners, we Christians live with consequences of actions, thoughts, and words displeasing to Jahweh. And yet we were made perfect through the blood of the Lamb.

Sometimes I think it is not fair of God to let His Children suffer. After all, we are precious to Him and He saved us – from what? So He can bring us through strife and pain? Is this what I deserve?

All too often, we lose focus of what we deserve. We deserve hell. H-E-L-L. There was nothing good in us that should have made God want to pick us up out of the mire, bathe us, clothe us, and call us His own. We were kicking and screaming, cursing His name; but He chose us.

This life is fleeting – so short. What is life? A few decades in which we spend our energy to make a comfortable life. I need a good education; a fabulous job so I can earn money to pay for my house, car, kids. Really?

If you are a Christian, I beg you to reassess your life. When asked what we live for, we often repeat the good old phrase, “For the glory of God.”

I want to glorify God with my life. It is not easy – at all. I fail a lot, but my life is His. Just because I don’t get what I think I need, doesn’t mean He is not worth living for anymore. I belong to Him. He possesses me. He owns every part of me – my soul, body, health, reason, ability to think, my family, and everything I else I hold dear. If He choses to take it, why should I complain about Him claiming what it is His?

I love this song by Shane and Shane “Though You Slay Me.” It reminds me of Job and everything that was taken away from him. We read those passages so lightly. “And then he lost his house, children, servants, and everything else.” Have you ever thought about that? How would you react?

Though You slay me
Yet I will praise You
Though You take from me
I will bless Your name
Though You ruin me
Still I will worship
Sing a song to the one who’s all I need

Check out the rest of the lyrics. It doesn’t matter if God takes away all I have. He is indeed all that I need. I don’t need money, health, a job I love, a husband, children, and a Lamborghini. While I would like to have these things (okay, maybe that car is exaggerated), if God chooses to keep withholding them from me, I can be satisfied in Him. He will not keep something from me that He knows I need. Either way, I will worship Him.

If you are not a Christian and/or have no idea what I am talking about, please don’t hesitate to send me a question.


Getting Started


It’s not always easy to start something new. There is the sense of insecurity and the usual fear of the unknown. What will things lead to? What is going to become of my pursuit?

And so I am sitting here, wondering how to get things started. What am I actually doing here? I mean really, what do I even expect?

The good ole’ phrase “believe in your dreams” has never really appealed to me – maybe because of my lack of confidence or maybe more because I know there are things above my control. However, that can’t and shouldn’t stop me from giving and being my best. I suppose that is a better phrase to live by…

Give and be your best.

Of course, that needs a little explaining on my part. Being my best means living according to the perfect standard and following the ultimate example, Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I am a “little Christ,” a follower, an imitator. It’s not based on my doing but on the grace of God. I once was lost in sin. Now I am found in the righteousness of Christ. I was blind in dark evil, but the eyes of my heart have been illuminated by God’s perfect light – the Light of the world.

And so I strive for excellence, giving my very best with all that I am. Not for myself or my dreams, but for the glory of God.

That’s a good place to start.