Happy Christmas


This month has been one step short of insane more than insane. But yay! – today is Christmas Eve. In Germany, that’s when you get to open all your presents…

Only I am not expecting many this year… I may have ended up on the naughty list.

But in truth, that’s beside the point when it comes to Christmas. I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and He was born because everyone is naughty. He died to take the punishment of my sins. That is indeed a thing to celebrate!

Christmas is a good time to be thankful. And I am thankful for many things –

  • My God and Savior
  • His love and sacrifice
  • My wonderful family (like, seriously)
  • My church and all the people there
  • The definition of true love
  • The fact that there might be a few presents under the tree for me… Maybe, please, yes?

I sincerely hope you can relax over the holidays and spend time with people you love. Should you be with your loved ones, be happy and grateful. And tell them you love them to their face. You’re lucky if you can do that.

I’m guessing I’ll see you all in 2015! ❤


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