I CAN’T. NOT YET – A Riddle



I can do many things.

I can see you.

Grin at your messy hair.

Deeply wish that you will be happy today.

Hear your voice.

Listen to you speak.

Laugh at your jokes.

Giggle when you’re silly.

Fidget during silence.

Enjoy your sweet smile.

Memorize your face.

Let my mind take pictures of the way you say things so I can remember them when I’m alone in bed at night.

Tell you things I wouldn’t tell anyone else.

Ask for your secrets.


What I can’t do is less.

But it feels like more.

I cannot sit next to you.

Lean my head against your shoulder.

Wrap my arms around your neck. Really hard.

Look into your eyes at the same time you are looking into mine.

Not yet.


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