You Know I Love You So

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Not too long ago, I spent an extended weekend in London. Here’s the most memorable moment.

I don’t remember exactly where we were going or which day it was. Ann was faster than me down the stairs to the Tube. I couldn’t get over how much I liked her fancy boots; and in my outfit, I felt like a slob next to her.

I heard the music. It was one guy, standing in the tunnel, strumming his guitar. In truth, I hate passing street musicians because anyone I’m ever with never wants to stop and listen. I wanted to stop and listen.

“He sounds just like Chris Martin,” said Ann as we passed, unfortunately.

You know I love you so.*

The world could disappear because even with everything gone, I would never — and even now, will never — forget that…

  • distance cannot impair love,
  • love is many things but not weak,
  • I could never simply choose not to love you,
  • things hardly come the way I expect,
  • the stars shine for you,
  • I know what I want us to be,
  • good things are worth fighting for,
  • our hearts are bound in a way I have yet to understand,
  • you love me.


*From “Yellow” by Coldplay. Highly recommendable.


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