Preparing for NaNoWriMo 2014



Are you all excited for November? For those of you who don’t do NaNoWriMo, too bad for you; because I sure am excited! For the motivated Wrimos out there, how are things coming along? If you’d like, please answer the following questions in the comments or write your own blog post. I simply love this kind of talk. 🙂

1. How long has your story idea been haunting your mind?

I got the original story idea in March… or February.

2. What writing software do you use?

I use Scrivener and highly recommend it to anyone. It is totally worth it.

3. How much do you plan ahead of time?

I have forty-seven basic scenes. I know how it’s going to end — which is good, but I am always up for surprises along the way.

4. What’s the hardest part of the planning process?

I worry whether I have enough planned. I worry the story may turn out completely opposite of my plans, like last year. I hate waiting until November 1!


Let’s be writing buddies! My username is hesthermay; or just drop your username in the comments, and I will add you!



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  1. I am both scared and excited about November!

    1. How long has your story idea been haunting your mind?

    I first had the idea about a year ago and decided to write it. After reading it over, I hated it. Now a year later, I decided start from scratch again, changing the plot and quite a few of the characters and now, I’m almost in love with it.

    2. What writing software do you use?

    Good old Microsoft Word for me!

    3. How much do you plan ahead of time?

    I have planned a lot but I haven’t finished because I’m one to always change my mind last minute. But I have a pretty good idea at how it will end (unless I decide to change that too).

    4. What’s the hardest part of the planning process?

    The hardest part for me is planning it all then questioning whether I can do this. Have I challenged myself too much?

    • This is my second time participating and while I did win last year, I also question whether I can do it – again. Sometimes, you get kind of “out of it” or things don’t work like you planned. I hope all goes smooth for you. Keep me updated! 😉

      • Thank you very much! And will do! It’s sort of like a writers block but instead, it’s like a confidence issue. But sometimes I tell myself this story isn’t going to write itself because it’s not: in a way, I think I expect it to be written perfectly the first time round when to be honest, it never is, hence why there are revisions and drafts!

  2. I’m totally excited for November. I did my first NaNo in 2010 and finished that year, tried again in 2011 and started but never got beyond 5000 words, life just got in the way. In 2012 I did prep work in Oct then never started, last year I didn’t even bother. This year I’m determined to see it through and do the best I can.

    1. How long has your story idea been haunting your mind?
    Sadly since the spring of 2011, I got the idea while my students were doing National Script Writing Month. Wrote out the prep work in Oct of 2012 then let it sit. Using that same stuff now with a little extra prep work to change things up.

    2. What writing software do you use?
    I just type in Word. I’m old-fashioned that way 🙂

    3. How much do you plan ahead of time?
    I have my character and setting descriptions written out, or in progress anyway. I’m working on a plot outline, not sure how much I’ll have at the end of Oct but we’ll see.

    4. What’s the hardest part of the planning process?
    Planning for me isn’t the hard part at all, it’s all easy I can plan no problem it’s the actual writing that is tough for me. I have a hard time pushing through a block.

    Good luck, can’t wait to see what you come up with. If you’re on the NaNo site I’d love to have you as a writing buddy my username there is the same as here.

    • Well, I’ve added you as a buddy so maybe we can keep each other motivated. 😀
      Thanks so much for stopping by to answer the questions! I love hearing what other writers are up to.

    • On the top right of the NaNo website, there is the search button. You can look for writers/authors that way and go to their profile. Then there’s a button to add them as a buddy. 🙂 I added you. Good luck for this year’s NaNo!

  3. 1. How long has your story idea been haunting your mind?

    The overall story since 2009. This particular part of it in detail, 2012.

    2. What writing software do you use?

    For non-NaNo, I use Scrivener. For NaNo, I use a tablet and office software. My tablet is much more mobile than my laptop, and has fantastically better battery life.

    3. How much do you plan ahead of time?

    This year is odd for me. I plotted out the entire book in an outline form I created myself. I’m going to post about it tomorrow. I normally don’t plot at all aside from the major plot points, but this book has tons of plot points I need to make sure get in there, so I outlined it.

    4. What’s the hardest part of the planning process?

    Feeling like I can actually write the book. Unlike Darkness Concealed, Darkness Revealed no longer gets to live in implication, subtext, and uncertainty. The bare, naked, and terrible truth has to come out. I have to live up to my own self-hype in a story that I’m honestly not sure I can write. I know I can, yet…I don’t.

    • Great answers, Emery. Tell me though – do you have a separate keyboard for your tablet? You don’t actually type on the tablet, do you? That would be crazy. 🙂
      I’m sure can do it and it’ll be a great story. Now tell me your username so I can add you as a buddy. 😛

      • The tablet is one of the ASUS Transformers, which easily syncs to a battery-containing keyboard dock. Though I toyed around with a Bluetooth keyboard a few months ago, and I’m getting one of those too. Nothing wrong per se with the dock, but being able to put some distance between screen and keyboard is always helpful. (Side note: my monitors and my keyboard on my desktop are a good 2 feet away from each other)

        I’m TaCktiX on NaNo.

  4. What a fantastic way to build camaraderie during the NaNo process! I did a post on NaNo prep a while back and am looking forward to meeting other participants such as yourself along the way! Loving your blog and am looking forward to reading more and following you along your writing process and journey!! 🙂

    1. How long has your story idea been haunting your mind?

    For about a year. I have notebooks filled with notes and outlines, characterization and plot summaries, images I’ve printed out and scratched notes by detailing how the image is/is not like what I imagined, etc. I’m constantly adding to it and a small journal I have in my purse at all times to ensure random thoughts and ideas are not lost!

    2. What writing software do you use?

    I outline and plot/plan by hand, filling up as many notebooks and journals as necessary. I find something about the physical act of writing to be more inspirational and organic to me as I’m planning. When I’m ready to actually write, I switch over to Microsoft Office/Word.

    3. How much do you plan ahead of time?

    SO MUCH! I’ve been outlining for at least 6-12 months and will likely continue to plot and modify things along the way.

    4. What’s the hardest part of the planning process?

    Things that change throughout the process. I start out with some basic ideas (characters, setting, plot, scenes, etc.) and as I start to build on those ideas, things are constantly changing. Part of me realizes this is a part of the process and is completely normal, but another part of me worries about time wasted and ideas lost that I won’t be using. Granted, I may use the scenes I wrote or ideas I formulated in different pieces down the road, but it is hard to sack those bits nonetheless!

      • Yep! I had high hopes to do it last year but other commitments got in the way. Really looking forward to it this time! I have a writing retreat weekend scheduled through a writing group I’m a part of so a full weekend of binge writing will definitely help! 🙂

        What about you?

      • I participated – and won – last year, so this is my second time. I’m pretty nervous. 50,000 words in 30 days is a lot of work…
        Best of luck to you!

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