IF YOU’RE NOT THE ONE – Flash Fiction


Feet on floor, elbows on knees, chin on fist. There was only one person I thought of when I sat that way.

“Turn it up,” I murmured, glad for something besides Maroon 5 and Carly Rae Jepsen on the rather repetitive radio. Mike granted my request as we took a right onto the freeway. My elbow leaned against the window pane in the backseat and I stared at the passing scenery. The music was loud enough for me not to mind Mike’s off key, falsetto sing-along and Sara’s occasional, off topic remark.

We will make it through
And I hope you are the one I share my life with

I wanted to scream at Mike. Do you have any idea what this song is about? 

Anybody who made googoo eyes at his wife during Daniel Bedingfield’s heartbreak ballad obviously hadn’t the slightest clue. I drew a breath and rolled my eyes as he reached to entwine fingers with my sister.

The radio lulled on.

I breathe you into my heart and pray for the strength to stand today.

My fist jerked away from my chin. I shut my eyes.

And prayed.


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