A Right One

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

I haven’t cried for you.

I probably won’t.

My eyes won’t cry, won’t shed tears.

It is a deeper pain than that.

The hurt is buried inside, hidden in my heart;

where gradually, the sharp blade slices it to pieces.

I hardly blame you.

You couldn’t have known I’d be this sensitive.

I wasn’t aware of it either.

Love at first sight doesn’t mean he or she is the one.

The right one.

A right one.

You’ve changed me.

A lot.

Taught me so many things I will treasure forever.

No person has made me laugh so much.

No person has made me cry so much.

But that’s over now.

No, please.

Please don’t let it be over.

I’m so easily persuaded.

You’re not, I know.

But I’d do anything you asked me to.

You should know that.


Please, please, please.


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