Fall With You

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Green turns to red

To orange, yellow, and brown

Summer turns to fall.

It’s my favorite time. With you.

It’s time the air turns cold

Cool and crisp

Dead leaves crunch under my boots

A lot of things are more fun in fall. With you.

Would be more fun. Would be with you.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

We will go on adventures

Walk through colorful trees

Collect chestnuts

Drink good coffee and bake chocolate cakes


I’ll pretend to be cold so I can wear your sweater

It smells better than autumn, the leaves, the fresh air, the backyard fires

It’s you


You don’t understand what you do to me

Just you


I could say it forever

Let’s do something we’ll remember every year

Something crazy

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

And when October 31st comes

We’ll turn all the lights out so it looks like we’re not home

We’ll build a fort in the living room

We’ll have one flashlight

And lots of love

If you were actually here

If you were actually mine

The season has many lessons to teach

I have many lessons to learn

Let go

It seems painful

But it is beautiful

It’s red and orange and yellow and brown

Without you



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