Blog Goals



The purpose of this blog is to

  • practice writing,
  • get to know writers and readers,
  • tell others what I’ve learned and what might help them,
  • discuss ideas,
  • vent, 🙂
  • encourage creativity,
  • and have fun.

I have never had a blog schedule. Do you have one, and do you stick to it? I am afraid I wouldn’t, so I like to keep my goals general.

  • Blog regularly (at least twice a week)
    • Writing tips,
    • flash fiction,
    • those venting posts,
    • updates, etc
  • Interact with other bloggers, specifically readers and people who comment
  • Host a guest blogger (monthly. Is anybody interested? I’m going to start asking around soon.)

Besides these goals, I have one other. I want to come up with something good enough to submit to The Write Practice. If I can accomplish that, my work will be done here. It’s been my dream since forever.


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  1. Good luck with your goals! I don’t have a schedule for my blog, save for Tuesday (my Galaxy of Possibilities series) and Sunday (fan arts). I aim to post daily, so I just add posts as I watch/read things, or have posts to write about what I am currently working on (which I should be doing again soon).

    • Thanks!
      Yeah, posts tend to be rather random and just whatever I come up with on the spot. I’d like to have a schedule – even if it were just for one or two days a week – but I’m afraid I couldn’t manage even that.

  2. Nice goals, they’re pretty much the same as mine 🙂

    As for a schedule, I don’t have anything too strict (commitment issues and all that…) but I try to post every other day and generally alternate a poem with a topical post.

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