Make Me Believe


This post is dedicated to the most mysterious beings this planet has to offer. I deeply regret my inability to understand male humans.

Tell me something that will make me believe you. Be honest with me. There has to be something going through your mind – maybe you’d rather not have me know it. Tell me anyway.

I can’t decide what to think; and if you stay this way, I’ll never be able to understand you. I’m dying to though.

Dying. A little piece of me chips away every time you barricade that gate to your soul. Let me in. I have to understand and come up with a way to manage these obviously incompatible minds.

I hate feeling like you’re hiding something. You have to be thinking something. Even if it doesn’t have to do with me, can’t you tell me?

Are you happy, content, frustrated, annoyed? What made you laugh today? Did you roll your eyes? Was there a moment when you could have leaned back, kicked up your feet, and not cared what came next because everything was all right?

I wish it were my place to empty my heart to you. I wish you really wanted to know. I wish you could understand – or at least wanted to understand.

All this talk is really only my second choice though. My first choice would be not saying anything. Just being together – side by side, or maybe you’d hold me. I would cry and that would be enough for me.

That’s as simple as I can get, but I’m not allowed to have even the simplest of things.

I’m here now, wasting away while you think everything’s all right. Do you think everything’s all right? You’ve never told me, you know.

Everything’s easy for you. “Here’s the solution. End of story.” It can’t be that easy. Tell me it is, and I won’t believe you. Tell me something that will make me believe you.

And help me be more like you please.



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  1. Who is this man-muse you keep writing about? My curiosity goes mad every time i see a post like this…. It’s a great little piece of writing though. You can really feel the frustration and confusion and longing in it.

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