Try Hard

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes?

Well, I do. I wonder that if I just finished this second draft, if I did everything to fix it up, if I edited and revised it to the best it can possibly be, would it be enough?

And well, there’s really only one way to find out –

1. Finish this second draft.

2. Do everything to fix it up.

3. Edit and revise it to the best it can possibly be.

4. Try.

I’m not really the “believe in your dreams” type with all that feel-good talk, etc. But I want to believe I can try. And so I will do whatever I can. Maybe I’ll never be able to make a story good enough, but I won’t know until I try. (I think I just said the same thing four different way, but you get the point then, I guess.)

What have you tried (maybe even forced yourself to) and achieved something? What are you trying right now? Let’s try together! 🙂


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  1. “Just try,” is a mantra I use on a daily basis in those fearful moments just before I start writing. I think people tend to place a lot of unnecessary pressure on themselves in the very beginning when perfection or even just getting it right should be the last thing on our minds. The important thing isn’t whether the writing is good but whether or not it’s there.

  2. One of the criteria of the job I accepted was public speaking. I’d never done it in my life and was terrified. I got the job on other strengths. Thirteen years later, I’m still employed and acknowledged as a good presenter. Fear of public speaking was much worse than public speaking. I just had to try.

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