I LIKE – Flash Fiction


I stumble against the chairs. One clatters to the ground with me.

The door swings open. Blood is already squirting everywhere.

“Someone call 911 right now!”

His voice is muffled and his figure a black blur by my side. CEO now, but he used to be a nurse. He’s not going let me die.

I don’t know if my eyes are open or not. I thrash. But I had wanted to die.

It had been two motions – reach and slit. If the conference room weren’t next to the kitchen, maybe it would have taken them longer to find me.

I wake up to my mother sitting by me. And my dad. And sister. They’ve been crying.

They had no idea.

But they can’t be surprised.

I’ve been so alone these last months. I told them I liked it. I told everyone I liked it.

Just because someone likes to be alone, doesn’t mean it’s good for them.


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