SAY SOMETHING – Flash Fiction


“Jackson, do you want to come with me?”

I turned in bed and looked at Erica, standing in the doorway, wearing a coat. I glanced out the window to see it was raining. I shook my head and turned away. Erica sighed and slammed the door when she left.

I kept my phone on the floor next to me, sitting on the living room floor, playing Call of Duty to kill time. It helped me relax, and I decided everything would be all right. It was a mistake and Erica would call. I’d tell her I was sorry for acting like a jerk, then she’d get back and we’d make up.

My phone’s screen lit up with Erica’s picture and a second later her favorite song started playing.

At last this drama was over. “Hey… Hello?”

“Jackson? Jackson, please don’t be mad. Please try to understand. This wasn’t my choice. It’s not like I wanted this to happen. Please don’t be mad at me… Jackson? Please say something.”



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