The Post in Which The Brooks Goes Crazy


Give Miss Brooks time and a camera, and she’ll take a whole lot of selfies (no autocorrect, not selfless). Or she just might post a vlog.


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    • So maybe you’ve seen Disney’s Prince Caspian, and you know Reepicheep the mouse? And how upset he gets when everyone only ever comments on his mouse-ness? I feel like him right now about my facial expressions.
      “I was hoping for something more original.”
      “Yes, I’m a mouse.”
      “You people have no imagination.”

      • Well I could run through the thesaurus with various ways of saying how expressive your face is, but I don’t feel that will serve much purpose.

      • My point is that I get enough comments on my facial expressions – all the time. So maybe you could comment on something other than that. Granted, there are many options… đŸ˜›

      • Didn’t realize people did that. I’d say that your expressions are beat out by your inflection and the obvious well of Meaningâ„¢ that lies behind both. You mean what you say.

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