True Face


I am very sad and emotional today, so I thought I would take advantage of this miserable state and use it to write. My feelings and imagination came up with this. 

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Thanks for finally showing your true face.

That face.

The one I knew I should never trust.

The one I knew could break my spirit.

The one with the smile that made my heart flutter.

The one with eyes that pierced my soul.


Its mouth was my captor.

Words and kisses were my master.

Your stories, your thoughts, your every whisper mesmerized by deepest being.

You lured me with your lips and kept me company for a while.

Just long enough to keep you entertained.

To make you feel special.

To figure me out.

Just until you couldn’t hide the truth.

You couldn’t hide your face.


The face that turned me into a willing victim.

The face I fell in love with.


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