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Tonight, You Will

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Source: Pinterest

If you kiss my face tonight, you’ll taste my salty skin,
coated with tears that were shed for you.

If you touch my hand tonight, you’ll feel it trembling, weary and afraid.
I’m scared of what I might lose.

If you dance with me tonight, you’ll have to hold me because I’m too weak to stand.
Your arms are strong though.

If you give me love tonight, you’ll find no resistance.
I want you more than anything.


True Face


I am very sad and emotional today, so I thought I would take advantage of this miserable state and use it to write. My feelings and imagination came up with this. 

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Thanks for finally showing your true face.

That face.

The one I knew I should never trust.

The one I knew could break my spirit.

The one with the smile that made my heart flutter.

The one with eyes that pierced my soul.


Its mouth was my captor.

Words and kisses were my master.

Your stories, your thoughts, your every whisper mesmerized by deepest being.

You lured me with your lips and kept me company for a while.

Just long enough to keep you entertained.

To make you feel special.

To figure me out.

Just until you couldn’t hide the truth.

You couldn’t hide your face.


The face that turned me into a willing victim.

The face I fell in love with.

The Lighthouse

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Source: Pinterest

All seemed well, but I was blind.

You saved me really. I’d have hit rockbottom.

I’d have wrecked, crashed, died.

There was warmth and light in your friendliness and a patient kindness as you guided me on by.

You sent me on my way.

But you had shown me things I had never seen before.

I didn’t want to leave you. No, I wanted to go to you.

To stay. Be forever.


Your gentle words warned me:

“See where I stand – on these sharp rocks, this high cliff?

You can’t be with me because if you try, you will be hurt and ruined.

We are meant for each other. I would not be here were it not for you,

but I am nothing if you don’t let me fulfill my purpose – if you try to force something that wasn’t meant to be.

I can’t come down to you either. It will be dark and your confusion will be far greater.

Go, Love, go that way and I will shine the light for you.”


I left you though it was hard.

It was a fight, moving away from the stormy cliff.

It would have been so easy to let the waves carry me to you.

You illuminated my path, and I followed it until I arrived in the open sea.

The water was calm and there was peace.

I smiled until I realized how far away you were.

I could see you far off on the horizon,

standing and waiting to take care of me when I came back.


I know I’m in a better place though I miss you and want you.

We’re perfect how you belong there and I’m here.

I’ll always need you, and without each other we’re worthless.

I love you. Thank you.

What If [You Created A Story Using 7 Questions]?


Work has been slow. Both our secretaries are gone so I got to take care of the phone today. Instead of sitting in my regular cubicle, I got one secretary’s office and anyway (this is random, I know) but I found a really nice pen in her desk.

So besides my regular duties and whopping number of three calls, I did a lot of doodling. I also came up with some pretty cool love notes – if I may say so myself.


What if?

My favorite plotting method is asking “what if?”. If I have a story idea, I like to throw the craziest possibilities at it to see what I can come up with. More often than not, it changes and adds the idea in very good ways. Even if I don’t end up using the change, it spurs creativity.

What are some “what if’s” you have used to change your story? Here are some I have used currently and in the past. They are not too exciting because of spoilers. 🙂

  • What if neither died after all?
  • What if she is actually in love with him?
  • What if she killed his brother?
  • What if she’s part human?

I had a little “what if” spree as I was unpacking my doodle-y love notes from my purse after work. Here’s a story I came up with using seven questions –

  • What if someone found these?
  • What if I died on the way home and someone found these?
  • What if my sister read the love notes addressed to a man she has never heard of?
  • What if she tried to contact him?
  • What if they tried to figure out if the notes were related to my death?
  • What if they became friends?
  • What if they fell in love? (That one’s easy – I’d be jealous. But I’m dead, so it doesn’t matter anyway, I guess.)
    The End.

These are the kind of things that inspire me to write.

Take something random from your day and ask a bunch of  “what if’s.” I’d love to read what you come up with in the comments!


Summer with You

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Source: Pinterest

I thought I loved summer. But it’s actually just you.

I thought I loved warmth and sunshine. It’s you.

It’s hard to admit loneliness, but it’s not hard saying I want to be with you.


I love summer. With you.

I love warm nights in the city. With you.

I love you. With me.

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Source: Pinterest

But you’re not. We’re not.

Probably never will be.


Still a girl can dream.

About holding hands and strolling through crowds on an endless summer night.

About talking and laughing. Lots of laughing.

About sitting side by side, not saying anything.

About slinging an arm around your neck and containing a ridiculous smile while trying to whisper into your ear how much I love you. And need you.

About surrender.

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Source: Pinterest

Or I can picture us walking under star-filled skies – the lights so big and bright you can almost touch them.

I picture us kissing by the moonlight.

Running in torrents of rain.

Hiding from the crashes and rumbles of thunderous summer storms.

I have my own version of violence. With you.


But don’t mind me.

I’ve learned to laugh at myself.

And I’ll be fine. Without you.