What I’ve Learned from Literary Agents on Twitter


If you are an active Twitter user and a writer, you may have come across #tenqueries. If not – basically, a literary agent takes ten query submissions and reviews them each in a 140-character tweet. I am always quite surprised by the results. There seems to be so much junk out there. It also gives me hope.

Here is a list of random tips I have compiled after observing #tenqueries for some time –

  • Pay attention to the guidelines given on the agency’s website. They are important and there for a good reason.
  • Make sure the agent/agency represents your genre.
  • Make your query letter specific. Explain what your story is about and why it is special.
  • In your sample pages, don’t overdo the dialogue.
  • Too much exposition is a no-no.
  • Go for something original and new.
  • Develop a strong voice.
  • Edit your work before submitting!

I have learned a lot by following #tenqueries tweets by these literary agents –

Follow them on Twitter or explore the hashtag #tenqueries.


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  1. Even though I have no interest in traditional publishing, it’s always good to be paying attention to what it looks for, because in some small part readers are looking for that too. Thanks for the heads-up.

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