#WriterRecharge Update I


Here is my #WriterRecharge update this fine Monday.

  • Bachelor thesis and exams. I am waiting for my thesis’ appendix to come back from my wonderful editor (friend/fellow student). Then it’s time to read everything once again and off to get it printed! This morning, I took an exam (subject: Global Supply Chain Management and Information Systems. Pity me. This is another reason I use a pen name. I wouldn’t want future employers to find out how I feel about business. 🙂 ) The exam went relatively well. Next one is on Friday (Production and Supply Management, I think that’s what it’s called).
  • Second draft Hidden People. Haven’t had time to start this yet, but I will probably tomorrow.
  • Physical Fitness. I walked to the bus stop, from the bus stop, up the stairs to my room, down again… Does that count? I actually did go for a real walk or two this week. Satisfied enough. 

I can’t wait to get back into writing fun stuff. 50k is my goal for February. It will be tough, I think, and maybe impossible after all. But it is the second draft so I think I could be able to move along quickly.

Okay, I got an email from my editor. Must get back to work!


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  1. Congrats on being almost done with the exams and thesis. Those class names don’t sound terribly appealing, I must admit. But bravo for sticking with it and making it this far. And good luck for when you finally have the chance to write again!

  2. Ooh…business classes. Those were such a mixed bag for me. I loved my marketing ones, but some of the others I was completely lost, especially when the acronyms and statistics started flying.

    Good luck with your drafting and squeezing in time for walks!

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