A Progress Report


I know I love reading about other writers’ progress and their current work. And so I decided to fill you in on what’s keeping me busy. I’m plowing through the first draft of Hidden People and loving it. Here are some facts –

Word count: 54,326 of 90,000

Chapters: 22 of ??

The image is an overview of chapters, word count targets, etc. Those who use Scrivener will recognize the layout.


Obviously, I need better chapter names, since “Questions” and “More Questions” seems a bit dull. And naming the last chapter “Safety” gives things away. In truth, I don’t like naming chapters at all.

Which leads me to some questions I’d like to hear (actually read) you answer…

  • Do you name your chapters?
  • How long are your chapters on average?

Tell me in the comments or tweet me!


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  1. Hooray for Scrivener! Always helps me to keep things organized. 🙂

    My chapters vary in length but I think on average they tend to be about 4k words long. As for chapter titles, I never use them. I used to, and then found it was too much of a nuisance and I didn’t really like the ones I came up with. Also when I’m reading I tend not to read chapter titles unless they’re particularly good ones––for instance, I loved Rick Riordan’s chapter titles in the Percy Jackson series because they were really funny––but I think good chapter titles are difficult to pull off.

    • I love Scrivener. I used the trial version for NaNoWriMo and then finally purchased it as Christmas present to myself (and I had the 50% discount for being a NaNo winner, so that was good). I really love because it helps me know exactly which scenes I have and how to organize them into chapters… which I really don’t want to name, but for now it helps me know what happens where.
      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      • I also discovered Scrivener through NaNoWriMo and used my 50% discount. (Pretty good deal!) Ah that’s a good point; even if you don’t end up using the chapter titles in the final product they do help to remind you where certain scenes are. 🙂

  2. I thought this same thing EXACTLY today! I was about to send out my first seven chapters to my CP and I found out the last two chapters had titles that gave them away (one was Times of Uncomplacency–which meant my character was not about to remain complacent) and I really wondered for long if I should scrape the whole idea of titling chapters. But I found something else for the two chapters and the problem is solved for now.
    As for chapter lengths, my seven chapters so far for this second draft range between 2500-4100 but most fall around 3000 words or roughly ten pages.

    • But don’t you think it’s tricky if the chapter title gives away what happens? But I see what you mean by it outlining the work. I think I’ll leave the chapter names until I am finished and then get rid of them.
      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  3. I generally don’t name chapters in the final product. I might if I had ones that only made sense in hindsight but sounded cool going in.

    Chapter lengths vary. Seriously, I would do a two sentence chapter if that’s what the story needed. I think they usually run from 2k-4k, though.

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