Identifying Weakness


What are your weaknesses in the writing process? Without claiming that the list is exhaustive, I think there are three main weaknesses or problems.

1. Weak story
2. Weak writing
3. Weak publicity

If I had to evaluate these weakness in the light of my own abilities, I would say…

1. I have a strong story. I love the plot and the conflict, and the message is powerful enough to move a reader.
2. As a non-professional, amateur writer, I feel unsure of myself when it comes to writing. I catch myself using basic sentence structure that gets repetitive. Not that flowery language style is better writing. Still.
3. Publicity, what? The biggest obstacle I see is getting noticed. But I am determined to take one step at a time – finishing a good story and sharing it.

What about you? What other weaknesses can a writer have? What is your greatest weakness – and strength? Let me know in the comments.


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