I Just Hit The 100k Mark!


As of this moment, The Resolution has at least 100,000 words. In the last two weeks, I have added approximately 25k. I’m surprised at myself and wonder where all that came from. But I am excited and can’t wait to get each part rounded off plot-wise.


Because I have a lot of other issues. Not too many actually, but the main thing is perspective. That is, first or third person… Until now each story from each perspective has been in first person. While that’s okay – personally, I think – for as many as two characters, having four at this point is a little much. Not only that, first person tends to be recognized as for the YA, younger genre; and particularly the new content I’ve added is more “mature.” My target audience is 16 and up, but I don’t want it to be limited to the younger audience category.

Ramble, ramble, ramble. I suppose I have already decided to change it eventually. I am looking forward to going through 100k (!) words, replacing “I’s” for “Irene’s” and “David’s,” etc.

Please tell me what you think about narration and point of view. Do you agree that I should switch from first to third person?


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