David Locksley



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Character Profile

David Mark Locksley. Guilty, ashamed, and mistrusting, David won’t tell the Brown’s where he is from when they take him into their home after meeting them at church and admitting to them he’s homeless. He wants to forget his tragic past, darkened by his mistakes and the people who surrounded him for most of his life.

The novel starts when David is twenty-one years old; but when he comes around to telling his story, his age drops back to nineteen.

David is determined to get what he wants, which is a good yet dangerous quality trait; and since he acts on impulse and emotion, this gets him into trouble on occasion. As the story develops, he finds reasons to think before he acts, to avoid tempting situations, and to face the consequences of his mistakes with responsibility and sacrifice.

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*** Pictures of characters are purely inspiration. This photo is of model/actor Devin Paisley and while he may remind me a bit of my character David on this particular photo, I do not imagine David like Paisley! Just wanted to make that clear.


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