Irene Brown



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Character Profile

Irene Celeste Cathleen Brown. She is nineteen when the story begins.  Her family moved to Missoula, Montana when she was a child, having been born the first of six children. After graduating high school, she chose to attend a college near home because she wants to be close to her family and keep life simple.

While Irene is a sweet girl, she thinks selfishly when it comes to comfort. Sacrifice doesn’t come easy, but she is forced to learn its power when her dad takes a strange young man into their home, unaware of what consequences that will have on the rest of their lives – for good or bad.

Irene’s goal is continually frustrated as the story develops and she is driven into cultivating a spirit of compassion and forgiveness. By the time the story ends, she realizes there is no benefit in focusing on one’s self and that life is about making decisions that help other people in their own struggles.

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