Doubts And Confessions from A Writing Mind


The title should actually read “Confession And Doubt” because my confession comes first.

I write when I’m bored. 

Maybe not truly bored; but I have noticed my tendency to pick up writing when life has a usual routine, when there is nothing new or exciting going on, when I am not experiencing new things. It is as if writing becomes my way to get out of that routine and make up things that happen to other people while nothing is happening to me.

This brings me to my doubt.

Shouldn’t a writer be inspired to write all the time?

In my last posts, I mentioned a move. I was away from home for five months. Before this time period, I was “into” writing. I was writing at least 1,000 words a day and working on the third draft of my current project. As soon as I arrived in my new surroundings though, I dropped it, being more interested in what was going on around me and the people I was meeting and things I was doing. 

And then – two, three months later – I became accustomed to my environment and started fiddling with writing again. It was nothing too serious, but I noticed that things had started to become routine, making me “bored” enough to write.

Sometimes writing is simply a time issue, in that I just don’t have time to sit down and let my fingers fly. But in situations where I would rather spend my time discovering new things or mulling over things that have happened to me, I have no desire to write even if I technically have time.

It’s okay to spend some time writing in your mind.

Maybe a lot of it depends on what kind of person one is. I am a thinker, a dreamer, an imaginer. Sometimes it feels like I can’t turn my mind off. At night, I can’t fall asleep because I can’t stop thinking. In my mind, I write nonstop. Even if I am not in front of the computer screen, I have sentences and dialogue and descriptions going through my head continuously. People I meet and experience I make support my imagination and present tidbits of inspiration for my stories, ultimately making me a better writer.

My conclusion is twofold. Professional writer recommend writing every day. No matter what, I need to get words on paper (or screen). Maybe it will be a short note, concerning something that inspired me today. Maybe it is a conversation I overheard. Maybe it is about my doubts as a writer. But I have to write, and I will.

But I can’t write, forcing myself to come up with something, keeping my eyes and ears shut off from the world, missing the adventures and stories that could make my writing more lifelike, relatable, and inspiring – not only for myself as a writer, but also for my readers.




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