I’ve fallen in love with writing present tense.

At first, I hated it. I hated reading present tense novels (for the longest time I wouldn’t read Hunger Games because its tense) and writing it was never an option.


Until I forced myself to read it. And then I fell in love. I started reading my writing, simultaneously “converting” it to present tense. There was something very refreshing about it, and I wanted to give writing a try. So I took a dive. I saved a copy of my manuscript in past tense; and then set to work, editing hundreds of pages, switching it into the present. It was a ton of work, but it helped me get the hang of it for when I started fresh writing in a new tense.

And I am in love. I absolutely love and can’t imagine writing past anymore.

Which tense do you prefer? Have you ever considered the present? Past? Future? I think a long-term challenge would be to write a second person, future tense story. It’d probably have to be a thriller of some sort, but I think the affect would be great.

You will open the door and see it, standing in front of you. It will stare back at you and not move until it has mustered your strength, read your mind. Then it will attack.

That’s tense. Pun intended.



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