March 2013 Resolutions


It’s never too late to take on a resolution or two… or four.

Here are mine for this month:

  1. I’m moving away for five months for an internship. I’d like to survive the move, settle in nicely, and not get too homesick.
  2. Keep a personal journal. Well, I have one but lately I have not been very consistent. It’s not so much about events happening in my life, but the thoughts and impressions that impact me. I love going back and reading about things I learned. So when – for example – I am slacking, it’s a good kick in the pants too.
  3. Write. Write. Write. I don’t know how much time and energy I will have once my internship starts, but I want to write at least 1,000 words per day. This concerns my story, The Resolution. What a fitting title…
  4. I may not neglect this blog – so more writing.

Kelly from She Learns As She Goes sparked this resolution business. Go check her out!




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