Getting Started


It’s not always easy to start something new. There is the sense of insecurity and the usual fear of the unknown. What will things lead to? What is going to become of my pursuit?

And so I am sitting here, wondering how to get things started. What am I actually doing here? I mean really, what do I even expect?

The good ole’ phrase “believe in your dreams” has never really appealed to me – maybe because of my lack of confidence or maybe more because I know there are things above my control. However, that can’t and shouldn’t stop me from giving and being my best. I suppose that is a better phrase to live by…

Give and be your best.

Of course, that needs a little explaining on my part. Being my best means living according to the perfect standard and following the ultimate example, Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I am a “little Christ,” a follower, an imitator. It’s not based on my doing but on the grace of God. I once was lost in sin. Now I am found in the righteousness of Christ. I was blind in dark evil, but the eyes of my heart have been illuminated by God’s perfect light – the Light of the world.

And so I strive for excellence, giving my very best with all that I am. Not for myself or my dreams, but for the glory of God.

That’s a good place to start.




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