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I’ve fallen in love with writing present tense.

At first, I hated it. I hated reading present tense novels (for the longest time I wouldn’t read Hunger Games because its tense) and writing it was never an option.


Until I forced myself to read it. And then I fell in love. I started reading my writing, simultaneously “converting” it to present tense. There was something very refreshing about it, and I wanted to give writing a try. So I took a dive. I saved a copy of my manuscript in past tense; and then set to work, editing hundreds of pages, switching it into the present. It was a ton of work, but it helped me get the hang of it for when I started fresh writing in a new tense.

And I am in love. I absolutely love and can’t imagine writing past anymore.

Which tense do you prefer? Have you ever considered the present? Past? Future? I think a long-term challenge would be to write a second person, future tense story. It’d probably have to be a thriller of some sort, but I think the affect would be great.

You will open the door and see it, standing in front of you. It will stare back at you and not move until it has mustered your strength, read your mind. Then it will attack.

That’s tense. Pun intended.


The Write Practice


The blog that got me back into writing is the one and only Write Practice from Joe Bunting. It is a great resource and practice area for writers, who take their art seriously. Six days a week, new posts are added to the blog with a writing task. Write 15 minutes and post your practice in the comment. Get feedback from other writers. Give feedback. It’s a great system.

I definitely know what one of my resolutions for next month – and beyond – is going to be, since I haven’t started the daily practice yet. (March Resolutions here)

Joe Bunting also runs the Story Cartel, where he offers real courses for writers and you should check that out too.







Inspiration comes from many different places through many different things. It’s like a spark that makes way for a story to be told. Most times inspiration strikes when I’m not looking for it through…

the weather

a song

a person – fictional or not

an event

the news

a good story

a location

a dream

Where do you get your inspiration? What inspires you?

Leave a comment!



March 2013 Resolutions


It’s never too late to take on a resolution or two… or four.

Here are mine for this month:

  1. I’m moving away for five months for an internship. I’d like to survive the move, settle in nicely, and not get too homesick.
  2. Keep a personal journal. Well, I have one but lately I have not been very consistent. It’s not so much about events happening in my life, but the thoughts and impressions that impact me. I love going back and reading about things I learned. So when – for example – I am slacking, it’s a good kick in the pants too.
  3. Write. Write. Write. I don’t know how much time and energy I will have once my internship starts, but I want to write at least 1,000 words per day. This concerns my story, The Resolution. What a fitting title…
  4. I may not neglect this blog – so more writing.

Kelly from She Learns As She Goes sparked this resolution business. Go check her out!



Getting Started


It’s not always easy to start something new. There is the sense of insecurity and the usual fear of the unknown. What will things lead to? What is going to become of my pursuit?

And so I am sitting here, wondering how to get things started. What am I actually doing here? I mean really, what do I even expect?

The good ole’ phrase “believe in your dreams” has never really appealed to me – maybe because of my lack of confidence or maybe more because I know there are things above my control. However, that can’t and shouldn’t stop me from giving and being my best. I suppose that is a better phrase to live by…

Give and be your best.

Of course, that needs a little explaining on my part. Being my best means living according to the perfect standard and following the ultimate example, Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I am a “little Christ,” a follower, an imitator. It’s not based on my doing but on the grace of God. I once was lost in sin. Now I am found in the righteousness of Christ. I was blind in dark evil, but the eyes of my heart have been illuminated by God’s perfect light – the Light of the world.

And so I strive for excellence, giving my very best with all that I am. Not for myself or my dreams, but for the glory of God.

That’s a good place to start.